BECOME (2016)


★★★★  The Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★  Beat Magazine

“Become represents everything there is to love about Aussie hip-hop” – Osman Faruqi, The Vocal

“there is no doubt that L-FRESH is one of the best hip-hop acts in the country” – Howls and Echoes

“Become promises to be one of the year’s most vital hip hop releases” – TheMusic

BECOME‘ is the prequel to L-FRESH The LION’s celebrated debut, ‘One’, and a majestic second album. It was nominated for Best Urban Album at the 2016 ARIA Awards.

It is a story of navigating the complexities and tensions that come with inheriting and adopting two very different cultures. It goes beyond the surface of East meets West and dives into what is often uncharted territory. As a piece of work, it exists as a powerful and moving story that widens the scope of Australia’s cultural narrative.

The 11 songs explore resilience and living through adversity, without succumbing to darkness and depression. L-FRESH The LION is fearless, laying himself out in song, revealing a great pride in his family lineage and history that makes this album very personal and remarkably conspicuous. Producer Michael McGlynn brought an uncomplicated musicality that defines it’s clarity.

From the upbeat first single, Get Mine feat. Parvyn, to the biting humour of Hold Up feat. Remior the call-to-battle adrenalin rush of ‘Takeover feat. Mirrah’, to the solemn moments you take with ’unBECOME feat. Jimblah’, this album is truly arresting from beginning to end.

ONE (2014)


Produced by Michael McGlynn (Vienna People Recordings) and L-FRESH The LION, One is an energetic, soulful, expressive and inspiring release with banging beats and thoughtful words.

L-FRESH The LION’s impressive list of achievements caught the attention of Hip Hop legend KRS One, who, in a very rare guest appearance, introduces the album on the first song in praise of L-FRESH The LION: “We need more MCs like you”.

It also features guest vocals by Sydney Hip Hop veterans MIRRAH and MK-1, soul and R&B sensation Mike Champion, Kimberly Aviso, Jess Starreveld, and Punjabi singer Jeet Hakam.

The album’s lead single, also titled One, received rotation on triple j and was one of the most added songs to radio nationally. Second single, Faithful also received play on triple j and on community radio nationally. And third single, Survive, was added to rotation on triple j and selected by MTV Iggy for their Best New Hip Hop playlist.