L-FRESH The LION to perform at 'Love Music Hate Racism' Live Music Event

Article taken from TheMusic.com.au

Founded in the UK in 2002, Love Music Hate Racism has been putting on events that encourage diversity and acceptance all over the world and, with the help of All Together Now, it's Sydney's turn.

Heading up the live gig at Factory Theatre this June will be L-FRESH The LION, NOOKY, SOPHIEGROPHY and Imbi The Girl.

"Music has the power to bring people from all walks of life together, regardless of their differences," L-FRESH The LION said.

"A live show can be special in that it has the capacity to spark meaningful conversations and unite people towards a common cause."

The event is designed to open a conversation about race and promote a national movement against racism through the power of music.

"We believe everybody needs to have a good understanding of what racism is so that they are empowered to act when they witness it," All Together Now's Managing Director, Priscilla Brice said.

"One in five Australians experienced racism over the past year, and we know from research that one way to reduce this statistic is by all of us challenging racism wherever it occurs.

"The LMHR campaign has a renewed importance with the increase in Islamophobia, hostility towards immigrants in Australia, and the continued degrading treatment of Indigenous Australians. We think it is time to reignite our national movement against racism through music."

Tickets to Love Music Hate Racism Sydney are on sale now; for more information, head to theGuide.