L-FRESH The LION returns by taking his everyday and turning it into something extraordinary with Alchemy

Having recently performed at Parliament House in Canberra, judged Eurovision, shared a stage with the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate, and addressed the United Nations in New York, L-FRESH is back.

L-FRESH The LION today returns with a powerful new single. Alchemy pays homage to and draws from one of his greatest sources of inspiration and strength - his native South West Sydney.

Alchemy is a nod to L-FRESH The LION’S ability to use his voice to empower others. Opening with traditional Punjabi sounds and L-FRESH The LION’S hard-hitting flow, Alchemy immediately stops you in your tracks. The bassline will have you moving as soon as it drops and the hook will stay with you long after listening. A personal anecdote on taking time to perfect his craft, L-FRESH The LION brings honesty to the forefront exploring his personal success and the demons he’s had to overcome along the way. Alchemy features L-FRESH The LION’S honest, talented lyricism and his seamless production.

In Alchemy, L-FRESH The LION explores the role that self-doubt has played in his life and how he is embracing his talents rather than second-guessing them. “Crawl your way to mediocrity or spread your wings,” L-FRESH The LION raps with conviction, hitting home with the message that ultimately you are the only one responsible for determining your reality. The lyricism shines a light on L-FRESH The LION’S self-motivated approach to not only life but his music.

“Alchemy is an introduction to what’s next. In South West Sydney, we’re experts at turning nothing into something. The culture of the area teaches us how to do so. This song is about taking what you have and what you’ve been given, and turning it into gold.” - L-FRESH The LION

Following the release of his ARIA Nominated album BECOME and its subsequent tour in 2016, L-FRESH The LION’s movements may not have been immediately apparent to the public, but he was slowly amassing a wealth of experiences that most artists never get.

Aside from select appearances at NYE On The Hill, Festival Of The Sun, Groovin The Moo and WOMADelaide, L-FRESH The LION was selected as an ambassador for Youtube's Creators For Change global initiative. His resulting video RACI$T / OUR WORLD premiered at the Tribeca TV festival in New York and has accumulated close to half a million views. He also performed on the bill alongside Sir Elton John at YouTube’s Sydney Brandcast event.

With all of those unique experiences and having taken time to consider what his next body of work would stand for, L-FRESH The LION returns inspired and full of new material. Addressing the UN, in particular, sparked a vision for his next project, creating music based on the wisdom he would give to his younger self.

Currently working on a larger body of work that celebrates his hometown, featuring themes of empowerment and sounds representative of the area that raised him, paying tribute to the hard-edged, survive and thrive, underdog mentality that is the spirit of South West Sydney.

Alchemy was recorded at the new world-class Studios 301 in Sydney with Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber,Will.I.Am) and mixed and mastered in Atlanta, USA by Morgan Garcia (who worked on the Grammy-nominated De La Soul album and the Anonymous Nobody...).

Alchemy highlights what L-FRESH The LION has to offer in the future - heavy hitting anthems of empowerment and self-determination.